Photography: that wonderful thing where you capture light to tell stories

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” – Ansel Adams

You take a picture and you freeze a moment that could’ve have easily faded away in seconds. It becomes a trigger for a memory that can be tapped into anytime; when you look at the picture days, weeks, years later it just magically transports you; you time travel, back to the time the picture was taken. At that very moment, you can smell how the air smelt when the picture was taken, the sounds start ringing in your ear,  all the good and bad memories associated with that moment start whizzing through your head.

How the mind manages to do that is just mind-boggling, but thats a totally different topic of discussion; lets leave it for another day. 🙂 A picture, though, tends to trigger that reaction in the mind and a lot more. And most often a picture has a lot more to tell than what you see in front of you.

Sometimes, though, these days, I am just overwhelmed by the amount of pictures everywhere. Everybody’s taking a picture of everything, and sharing; be it on Instagram, Facebook or another social platform; and i wonder to what end. It’s like everything exists to end in a photograph these days.

Looking back, i’ve come a long way in learning to take a decent picture and actually trying to develop an interest in photography. Well, least seems like a long way considering i didn’t take up any formal education in it or wasn’t lucky enough to get to know people from that background. My father was an avid photographer and he was good, really good. we didn’t do much together in terms of photography, but i suppose it was just a matter of time that the gene took on a dominant role in my life.

He used an SLR camera made by Cosina. Beautiful old fashioned film camera. I had kind of a fascination to it. But, unfortunately, didn’t get to use it much. The camera was starting to age and, sort of, had to be put out of use. This was one of the last images taken with it in Bannerghatta zoo, Bangalore in 2010. Clearly not a very good shot; overexposed, too bright, blah, blah; 🙂 but that camera was classic. Can never forget it.


I do not remember the exact point at which i became hooked onto seriously trying to get better at photography. Come to think of it, i usually was the “designated” photographer in most of the groups i was part of and it inevitably turned into a serious affair; between me and my camera. “My Camera”…umm…yeh i suppose thats when it became serious. i got a camera of my own when i moved to Singapore and started travelling; not that i was stuck at one place before that, not by any stretch of the imagination.

But Singapore gave me access to a bunch of beautiful places and having a camera at hand just helped me grow into the interest. The interest just “developed” (couldn’t resist the pun ;-)) from there.

Singapore offered convenient access to a variety of different landscapes i could explore.

Like the volcanic mountain in Indonesia,


or the ruins in Cambodia,


and many more.

From then on, I’ve held my camera in my hand pretty much everytime I go out. Getting a little better with landscapes now. People and emotions offer a very interesting range of opportunities to capture; but I have a long way to go on that subject and need to learn a lot more; i’ll get there though. Off late, I’ve been working on my long exposures on waterfalls and city lights in the night.

you can check out some of my shots on my instagram page here:

as you can see on Insta, i have a long way to go to. But i’m just starting on this journey. I will be working on my skills and I will have a lot more to write about on this topic as this is a close to my heart thing. So stay with me and we will explore the wonders of lights and shadows through my lense. And of course, do let me know if you have any feedback to share on the pictures. I will be very happy to get a different perspective and learn along the way. 🙂

By the way, what drives YOUR photographic hunger? And what subjects intrigue you?