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Mother Earth

Listening in, and watching, quietly all the while, #MeToo whispered Mother Earth


Alleviate the pain or find me solace

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The Healing touch

Sat there, lost in thoughts, wondering if i would ever heal again inside enough to get back to being sane again; Right then she ran her fingers along my arm and cupped my face. I was reborn.

The photo by the chest

via Daily Prompt: Unseen

Placed her photo on his chest as the coffin was closed before being lowered. Some stories are better left untold; some memories are better left untouched; some pictures better left unseen.


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Wow, it’s hot!!!

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As the mid-summer tropical sun scorched the earth’s surface in full blaze, i stopped walking on the street for a second and looked up at it wondering, ‘There is no competition. What point are you trying to make!!!’

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Words: daggers that can be sharp or blunt

via Daily Prompt: Argument

 “Is it too late to patch up now?”

Those words bringing back flashes of all the past feuds, ringing in his ears, each with a thump like only a death bed can. 



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For Moral or Worth

via Daily Prompt: Value

“Was it worth the effort?” asked my friend.

I just pointed to the homeless boy waltzing away, ecstatic, holding his little brother in one hand, food and money in the other.

jump around

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