A Chaotic sense of order

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Its not as chilly as expected today… wow, look at the pile of leaves on the sidewalk… i guess fall is… looks like it might rain… hope there is not much work today when i get to… woah, why is that guy honking so much and driving like crazy…  why isn’t anybody messaging today… what camera should i buy… i sucked at badminton last week, what was i doing… what is…

Too random to make sense, isn’t it!!! well, thats how my brain works. it is a mess. One random thought at a time. sometimes, don’t even get to finish the chain of thought. Well, in a sense, i suppose thats how the brain on most of us works. it just wanders about switching topics in almost seconds. No wonder it’s ways are compared to the monkey leaping onto tree branches at random whims and fancies.

Recognising the pattern in the chaos is the challenge i suppose. or should i say making sense of the chaos and bringing order. Easier said than done, you say. couldn’t agree more. I’ve been staring at the blinking cursor for the past 5 minutes, and hardly have a cogent thought to put down. Hardly a surprise, i’d say though.

my brain is certainly no pre-defined meeting agenda or a post meeting minutes. it cannot think in bullet points unless told to do so. the random thoughts bombarding my brain are what make a world of possibilities inside my head a distinct likelihood. and the process of collating them and organising them is the challenge. thats what makes the writing process interesting.

any process, for that matter. how boring would it be to imagine the brain coming up with organised thoughts for a situation in life to which you seek a potential solution!!! or would it? may be for some people. Running low on battery.. whats that smell… would have been good if i had landed in Dubai during the day so it would’ve been fun to gaze through the window…

there it goes again… 🙂


Words: daggers that can be sharp or blunt

via Daily Prompt: Argument

 “Is it too late to patch up now?”

Those words bringing back flashes of all the past feuds, ringing in his ears, each with a thump like only a death bed can. 



Published under two-line story prompt. 

The bolted door

“Door locked!!!”

“Why is the door closed?”

“Does it look like I live here?”

“Alright. Don’t bark at me.”

“See if there is a key lying around.”

“Why would somebody lock the door and keep the key conveniently lying around?”

“Boy, someone’s cranky.”

“Just wondering what might be on the other side. I was so looking forward to doing this tonight.”

“Yeh, me too.”

“What do you suggest we do!!! Shall we go and come back later.”

“Well, let’s see if we can push it open or break in.”

“Break in? Are you out of your mind?”

“Well, let’s hear your bright idea then, smarty pants.”

“What if somebody hears us. We would be screwed. Let’s look around. See if we can find a desk or something, they might have kept a key in.”

“Alright, but be quiet.”

“I was planning on singing while looking for it. Let’s me relax… Of course, I’ll be quiet. Just look for the damn key.”

“While we are looking, here’s a thought. What if there IS no key. May be the door opens with a passcode of some sort or fingerprint scan or something like that.”

“Really!!! Does this place look like it’s that advanced!!!”

“Well, they are advanced enough to keep something in there and keep it locked.”

“Point taken. But I doubt. Keep looking for a key.”

“Aha, I’ve been looking for this book.”

“For God’s sakes dude, focus.”

“Do you smell smoke?”


“Woah, who could that be.”

‘Wake up man’


‘Hey, wake up, dude.’

‘What’s wrong with you man.why can’t you let me sleep in peace. It’s Sunday.’

‘Get the heck out of bed. We need to get to the library. Now.’

‘Library? On a Sunday? To see if it was closed properly last night?’

‘Remember, the locked door we have always been curious about at the library!!! Curious to know what was on there?’

‘The one we decided to sneak into last week, yeh, what about it?’

‘The room burnt down last night taking down most of the library on that side with it. Apparently, some guys tried to break in but shorted a circuit or something.’

‘So everything burnt down?’

‘Yep. No trace of what was inside. Guess we will never know.’

‘That’s too bad’ 

(To himself) Woah, what’s happening. Was all that a dream or am I in one now. What was behind the door? And why was it closed?

This is day two of the daily blog challenge. Prompt for today “Closed Doors: What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?”.