Learning to un

What was I thinking, trying to learn something I don’t know!!! Why is it so hard? You are probably thinking, here he goes questioning again. 🙂 Well, I’m trying to get my head around going about learning one of the hundreds of thousands of things I don’t know about.

What does it entail, trying to learn something new; something which you haven’t done before or something that you don’t understand much about. Developing an interest in the subject, comes to mind first. And then you figure out ways to delve deeper into the subject depending on the interest level and accessibility of resources.



Well, accessibility of resources is not much of an excuse these days as everything is available at your fingertips, if you pretty much have the inclination.

But what if you have to learn to unlearn what you already know before actually trying to learn what you want to know!!! Isn’t that some thought!  🙂

How would go about doing that? I mean if learning is difficult, I can only imagine unlearning might be worse. You possibly could not erase what’s in your memory as easily as you would erase data from a memory disk drive. If the brain were that simple, we would’ve actually understood by now, how the brain works. 🙂

What do YOU think about that then???

This is the 3rd prompt for the daily blog challenge, although at this point it feels like write-whenever-you-feel-like-challenge. 🙂 The topic was given by my sis for a single word prompt: Unlearn.


14 thoughts on “Learning to un

  1. The older you get the more refined your ability to zero in on what you want to learn. I try to learn something new constantly. Right now that is the craft of writing–I’ve read dozens of books, I have dozens more on the shelf. Reading is my preferred medium but you are right–information from nearly any source is available at the touch of a keyboard! How lucky we all are to live in the time of YouTube and Google. 🙂

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