You talking to me ???

“In difficult times, use a mirror. You will see both the cause and resolution.”

I just stood there staring into the eyes. That dark circular abyss, seemed to spiral on and on deeper into something unknown. There was something hypnotizing about them. What were they trying to say? Where were they leading to?

I wonder how the world looks like through those eyes. What do those eyes make of the chaos that goes on, on the other side. May be they just see and don’t process anything of it. But what good would that be.

I sometimes can’t stop myself from pondering over the thought of the possible depths those eyes could lead you to. What would you be able find as you delve deeper. What mysteries are waiting to be uncovered. What questions waiting to be answered. Or better yet, what questions are waiting to be questioned.

But then again am i listening hard enough to know what questions those eyes are asking, is another thing i muse on about. Quietly observing and questioning everything i do, or don’t do. Looking at the world with dismay, wondering where the world is heading to. at the same time, looking on with hope towards better times.

And then i blink and it hits me, have I been talking to the world or am i just staring into the mirror !!!


reflection on window

This post is a result of a prompt from my dear sis for a 30 day daily blog challenge. Day 1 of the same is “Mirror, Mirror: What if your mirror started talking to you?”.


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