The mask underneath!!! or over!!!

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What kind of a person are you when no one is watching; wondered the guy, looking at the faces in the masquerade ball.

Published as a two-line story prompt.



He succeeded in being considered totally uninterested, as people left him alone. That was all he ever wanted.

Published as a two-line story prompt. 

The sound of silence

There I was sitting quietly, lost in thoughts. Surrounded by hundreds of people, yet aloof in a way. Random thoughts swirling in my head like things tossed around in a mid-west tornado. People talking, dancing, music playing in the background. Yet everything felt quiet. It sometimes feels like I just shut out the external world and go deep into my own.

I sometimes wonder, sitting amidst all that chaos, how my mind even does that. One moment I’m sitting there, listening to people talking around me, and then the next it’s all switched off and I’m in my head. It feels like a completely different place. It’s like changing channels on a television set. It’s like switching from watching a channel playing a crappy soap opera to an orchestra playing heavenly music. It feels good. It feels serene. 

I guess some people can just do that at will. It works out well for people like me who tend to be a little towards the introvert side of the spectrum. We cannot process too much information at a time. We need our space. Input tends to become information overload very quickly.

Silence tends to become the best friend. I tend to stare blankly,  sometimes, at nothing in particular. Not necessarily contemplating anything specific, but just staring. I don’t know if many people can relate to that kind of an act. I mean how do explain staring at a wall thinking about nothing. i’m sure it will sound crazy if you try to explain it to somebody. 😀 But then the mind works in crazy ways.

But for me, most of the time, silence is so much more tranquil and soothing in a way. Of course there is music that does that too. 🙂  Silence is soothing, ok got it. but whats with the sound of silence in the title, you ask!!! Well, its like they say for heat, coldness is just lack of heat. Its the same with silence.

Have you ever heard rainfall pounding on a tin roof, from under the roof? And then all of a sudden, the rain stops. Silence, so much so that you can hear your breathe all of a sudden. Thats what it feels like to switch off. Thats what it feels like to sit quietly, lost in thoughts.

Edited in response to the daily prompt as a first attempt – Silence

Learning to un

What was I thinking, trying to learn something I don’t know!!! Why is it so hard? You are probably thinking, here he goes questioning again. 🙂 Well, I’m trying to get my head around going about learning one of the hundreds of thousands of things I don’t know about.

What does it entail, trying to learn something new; something which you haven’t done before or something that you don’t understand much about. Developing an interest in the subject, comes to mind first. And then you figure out ways to delve deeper into the subject depending on the interest level and accessibility of resources.



Well, accessibility of resources is not much of an excuse these days as everything is available at your fingertips, if you pretty much have the inclination.

But what if you have to learn to unlearn what you already know before actually trying to learn what you want to know!!! Isn’t that some thought!  🙂

How would go about doing that? I mean if learning is difficult, I can only imagine unlearning might be worse. You possibly could not erase what’s in your memory as easily as you would erase data from a memory disk drive. If the brain were that simple, we would’ve actually understood by now, how the brain works. 🙂

What do YOU think about that then???

This is the 3rd prompt for the daily blog challenge, although at this point it feels like write-whenever-you-feel-like-challenge. 🙂 The topic was given by my sis for a single word prompt: Unlearn.

The bolted door

“Door locked!!!”

“Why is the door closed?”

“Does it look like I live here?”

“Alright. Don’t bark at me.”

“See if there is a key lying around.”

“Why would somebody lock the door and keep the key conveniently lying around?”

“Boy, someone’s cranky.”

“Just wondering what might be on the other side. I was so looking forward to doing this tonight.”

“Yeh, me too.”

“What do you suggest we do!!! Shall we go and come back later.”

“Well, let’s see if we can push it open or break in.”

“Break in? Are you out of your mind?”

“Well, let’s hear your bright idea then, smarty pants.”

“What if somebody hears us. We would be screwed. Let’s look around. See if we can find a desk or something, they might have kept a key in.”

“Alright, but be quiet.”

“I was planning on singing while looking for it. Let’s me relax… Of course, I’ll be quiet. Just look for the damn key.”

“While we are looking, here’s a thought. What if there IS no key. May be the door opens with a passcode of some sort or fingerprint scan or something like that.”

“Really!!! Does this place look like it’s that advanced!!!”

“Well, they are advanced enough to keep something in there and keep it locked.”

“Point taken. But I doubt. Keep looking for a key.”

“Aha, I’ve been looking for this book.”

“For God’s sakes dude, focus.”

“Do you smell smoke?”


“Woah, who could that be.”

‘Wake up man’


‘Hey, wake up, dude.’

‘What’s wrong with you man.why can’t you let me sleep in peace. It’s Sunday.’

‘Get the heck out of bed. We need to get to the library. Now.’

‘Library? On a Sunday? To see if it was closed properly last night?’

‘Remember, the locked door we have always been curious about at the library!!! Curious to know what was on there?’

‘The one we decided to sneak into last week, yeh, what about it?’

‘The room burnt down last night taking down most of the library on that side with it. Apparently, some guys tried to break in but shorted a circuit or something.’

‘So everything burnt down?’

‘Yep. No trace of what was inside. Guess we will never know.’

‘That’s too bad’ 

(To himself) Woah, what’s happening. Was all that a dream or am I in one now. What was behind the door? And why was it closed?

This is day two of the daily blog challenge. Prompt for today “Closed Doors: What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?”.

You talking to me ???

“In difficult times, use a mirror. You will see both the cause and resolution.”

I just stood there staring into the eyes. That dark circular abyss, seemed to spiral on and on deeper into something unknown. There was something hypnotizing about them. What were they trying to say? Where were they leading to?

I wonder how the world looks like through those eyes. What do those eyes make of the chaos that goes on, on the other side. May be they just see and don’t process anything of it. But what good would that be.

I sometimes can’t stop myself from pondering over the thought of the possible depths those eyes could lead you to. What would you be able find as you delve deeper. What mysteries are waiting to be uncovered. What questions waiting to be answered. Or better yet, what questions are waiting to be questioned.

But then again am i listening hard enough to know what questions those eyes are asking, is another thing i muse on about. Quietly observing and questioning everything i do, or don’t do. Looking at the world with dismay, wondering where the world is heading to. at the same time, looking on with hope towards better times.

And then i blink and it hits me, have I been talking to the world or am i just staring into the mirror !!!


reflection on window

This post is a result of a prompt from my dear sis for a 30 day daily blog challenge. Day 1 of the same is “Mirror, Mirror: What if your mirror started talking to you?”.