Rainy day confessions

What is it about the rain that brings the romantic in you? We notice the rain and we either want to drench in it or curl up by the window with a nice hot coffee in hand, possibly a good book as well. 😉 ; more so of the latter as we grow older.

No matter what mood you find yourself in at the time, rain and coffee keep you company like nothing else can. 

Rain. Hmm. Just thinking about watching the rain fall from a window gives me a sense of serenity. It’s one of the best feelings. The sound of falling water is music to the ear. 

As kids most of us looked forward to the rains. It was a chance to get wet, hop and jump onto puddles, splash water at friends and just have a good time. Tends to bring out the child in most of us even as adults. 

Coffee. How mankind survived before coffee was invented is beyond me. 🙂 coffee is by far the most traded commodity and most consumed beverage; hardly surprising. I’m a big fan of good coffee and love trying new coffee varieties. Learning the coffee making process and brewing is something I’d love to do some day. 

Look at me rambling about coffee just at the thought of it. I could just go on and on, that’s how much of a coffee fanatic I am. 

Books. The friend who’s always by your side. You are missing something if you don’t feel the need to have a good book by your side. 

Rain. Coffee. Book. The best threesome combination you will find. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

What do you like to do on a rainy afternoon? 


18 thoughts on “Rainy day confessions

  1. Good capture. Lenghty sleep and wake up when rain starts in the evening. 4 medium sized Masal vada and tea. First bite will be delicious. No words to explain. To say continuation, I have to write a separate blog. Comment will not be enough. 🙂

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  2. Nice topic da, but I felt u wrote more about coffee anyway the feel is good.
    Whenever I think of rain I remember a romantic long ride with my boyfrnd :-p

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  3. Definitely not to get drenched intentionally 😉 .let’s go for some hot pakkodas and bajjis(been tasting it just before the water entered inside my home after the flood rains). But that does not stop me thinking to have them in my plate again. And ofcourse my favourite spicy chicken curry. And also, love to have a cup of ginger tea,strong and hot!!!

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  4. What do I like to do on a rainy afternoon..I ain’t drinking coffee for sure.But I don’t mind listening to some slow rock and play snooker..taking a nap and going for a long drive are my favourites too..but that’s just me!!!!!

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  5. Nice one as usual, but we always expect the extraordinary from vmg.. Keep digging much on wat u write nxt time. On a lighter side, I reread this topic wit whatever came to my mind thinkin on below- rain-love, coffee-s*x , books-fantasy 😁

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