View out the window

‘Too bright, pull the blinders down. There’s still time.’

‘You put the blinders up last night for a reason.’ 

‘Now get up.’ 

‘Got time. What’s the rush.’ 

‘Do something productive.’

 ‘Yeh right. Go away. Will get up in a bit.’

Yep, that’s me fighting to get up in the morning. Not at all a morning person. Far from that. I find the morning sleep to be much more enjoyable, albeit a little sinful. 🙂

How people manage to get up early morning and still stay fresh is beyond me. I can’t recall the last time I wanted to wake up in the morning early enough. Well I do get up early when I have to go out to play or sometimes to get to the beach to catch the sunrise. 😉 but that’s pretty much it.

I remember how I used to wake up early in the morning by myself to get to the cricket ground but always struggled to do that when I had to wake up to study. 

It indeed is bright and sunny outside. Funnily, hot and humid has been replaced by bright and sunny these days owing to the change in geography. Summer months are pretty much the happening times of the year in the eastern coast of the US, pretty much the whole of US as well I suppose. 

Parks are suddenly bustling with activity. People engaging in outdoor activities, frisbees flying around, metallic ‘clings’ of the ball hitting baseball clubs, tennis courts always occupied, people jogging around the park. People walking around with their pets, kids having fun and just enjoying the warm weather in general. 

It’s a fascinating time to be people watching. Meet friendly people, strike a conversation, play sports and enjoy the view around the city. But most importantly be outside, Walk around, meet people, explore. Always wanted to improve on my street and portrait photography skill. 🙂