The conversation




“Boy, have you put on weight !!!”

“Well, what did you expect? It’s not that bad, you know”

“Yeah, not that bad i suppose, but look at me. 🙂 ”

“Don’t flatter yourself. If anything, u look skinny. ”

“Ok ok. You’ve been traveling!!! ”

“Yeh a bit. Kind of like it. Lots of things to see out there. ”

“I know. Must be fun. Work treating you well? ”

“It’s fine. Not exactly what I planned on doing. But no regrets. ”

“Hmmm. What are you into?”

“Oh the usual IT crap. Nothing too exciting. ”

“Can’t believe you are into IT man. Thought you didn’t like it and didn’t want to go in there!!! ”

“Still don’t. ”

“Hmmm. ”

“So what are YOU into? ”

“Don’t you know already ? 😉 ”

“:-) so where do you think you are heading ? ”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, in life. Where do you think you are heading? ”

“Do I look like i think so far ahead man. I don’t know where I’m going this evening. 😛 ”

“Ha ha. Should’ve known better. But seriously shouldn’t you be thinking where you are heading ? Think it’s time ”

“I don’t know man. I do reflect back. But thinking and planning ahead. I doubt I’m that kind of person. Just taking things as they come along I suppose. ”

“Well i guess that’s another way to go about it. ”

“Sometimes you wish you could see what’s coming. You wish you could have your memories flowing backwards. ”

“Memories flowing backwards eh!!! Don’t know how that will help. ”

“Yeh it’s like you are living your life looking back into your memories now. ”

“Like a rower rowing, facing backwards. He can see what he’s passing, not what’s coming. ”

“Exactly. In a sense, the boat is always steered by your younger self as you move into the future. ”

“Well that’s the beauty of it. You are never going to be wiser today, than what you can be, tomorrow. So you can reflect and learn. ”

“Why can’t I just learn and look forward is my point. ”

“Well, may be you can build something once you get there. ”

“Aha, if I had that I’d have the memory of me building it already in my head. That’s precisely my point. ”

“Keep thinking. You might hit it, Bro. ”

“I will 🙂 “


One thought on “The conversation

  1. Nice Sir.. well written.. everynbodys situation is well described in few lines.. very few knows where they are heading towards…
    I just hope where ever it is, once should get peace of mind at end.


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