Questions… The only way you can really tell that you are still human and alive.

What am I doing here??? Where am I heading??? What makes me ME??? Why didn’t I go about doing that??? Why did I do that??? Why didn’t I read that book or article instead of wiling away my time on the Internet again???

So many questions and the only way to find answers is to keep repeating them!!! Well, if you don’t repeat the questions, your mind just conjures up so many more that you literally can’t keep track of; let alone find answers to.

You replace every single cell in your body entirely in the span of 7 years. Every single one of it. Which means you literally are not the same person you were 7 years ago. So what are you then? Or rather, who ???

It’s the simplest of questions really. Who am I ? And yet most us don’t have a damn clue. If you can answer to that question though, you probably are not fit to be on this godforsaken heap of a planet. What’s left to do if you found the answer to that anyway. 😉

So till the time, Keep questioning !!! Until you get sick of the questions and move your a** to find some answers.

Here’s a couple to “begin” with ; how did I end up here ? And why am I reading this ??? 😉


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