The cat on the side walk

Walking home from office I noticed this cat pruning itself; engrossed. Almost obsessed within. Ignorant of the world around. Does she realize there is the whole world around it !!! Does it even care !!!

Not very different from us, I suppose. So preoccupied with ourselves that we don’t realize that we get in the way of others sometimes. Trying to stay ahead in the race. Life does seem like a race these days. But does it have to mean that you can’t stop once a while to smell the flowers along the way !!! I don’t think so !!!

Step away from what you are doing for a second, put things in perspective and think about what you are going to remember about what you are doing right now, when you look back at your life down the years. Come to think of it I’m not quite sure what I’m taking with me along the way. Considering the life expectancy these days, half my life’s gone, may be even more, with almost no memory of what I did for the first one third of my life. Probably my parents would remember, fondly or not, I don’t know. 😉

Would’ve met so many people, done so many things. Laughed, fought and cried with so many others. Learnt so much ( obviously forgot a major portion of this one, considering my memory status right now 😉 ), tried to learn few things which I couldn’t, would’ve tried my hand at so many news things and the list goes on. But some things that do stick to my head, and I suppose it’s true with most people, is things I didn’t do. Sit down with a pen and paper and I’m sure I can fill up pages with a list of things I didn’t so but, would rather.

I was always into sports. Always been. From the plastic bats from when I was old enough to swing it to the tennis racket I picked up recently. Always played whatever I get a chance to try my hand at. Many times was like “God, I’m good at this”. 😀 Think about it now and I question why I didn’t take sports a little more seriously. I distinctly remember some one asking me if I played cricket professionally when I was really just tall enough to run with the bat in hand. Hmmm !!!

As long as you don’t think about those things you didn’t do, you see through them but when you do, somewhere, you feel the pinch. Looking down from the terrace in my apartment, so much is going on and you start to think, where is everybody going. Everything you look down on seems so insignificant. The building, the people, cars, the roads… That’s what our world is contained in. When you realize, our world, the earth, is just a speck of dust in the cosmos. Just a dot in the vast spaces of emptiness.

Speaking of empty, much of us is too. You see an atom is 90% of empty space and since everything is made up of atoms including us. Which means most of me is just empty space with protons, neutrons, and what ever particle names quantum physics can come up with, revolving around. So what am I !!!

Questions !!! Keep you thinking !!! Sometimes though, its better to forget the questions.Kick back… Make friends… Spread Love… Do what you are passionate about… Live life without regrets. Coz thats the only way you can fulfill living !!! Its not like there is a second innings to it !!!

Which reminds me, there is India vs England test match going on. Should i watch it or sleep to get up for office early morning tomorrow !!! There we go with questions again… 😀



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