The carnival called the FIFA football World Cup

Wow the football World Cup starts in less than a weeks time. As excited I am at the thought, I’m lying on my bed wondering how I am going to watch the event, a telecast of it let alone a live one. No TV in my room 😦 which is sad by itself, but to add to that it is happening on the other side of the world. Which means matches will take place around 3 AM Singapore time.
The saddest thing, even if I manage to find a network that will stream it for me on the internet, I’ll be in office on the opening day :’-(
I remember watching the whole of the 2006 event, as I had finished my college and was waiting for the next step. All the matches from the opening ceremony to the finals.
Come to think of it, coincidentally, it so happened that I started college with a World Cup in 2002 and ended it with one in 2006. What a happy accident !!! Then there was 2010, moved to Bangalore that year, where Spain where just unstoppable. From the beginning it looked like it was their year.
And this edition, first trip outside India sitting in Singapore. Looks like my life is being punctuated with the football world cups with significant steps in life 😉 wonder how I’m going to follow this edition. Been following on the internet with articles on FIFA and other web pages, but got to tell you, it’s nothing like watching the preview shows on TV. Interviews, team profiles, stadium profiles, recaps of past world cups and much much more. The build up from the recaps adds to the excitement of the current one.
This one is a very interesting in lot of aspects. As it is, it’s probably the last one for many big names in international football. Unfortunately, some didn’t get a chance to say goodbye on this stage due to injury or team selections. Donovan from USA comes to mind. Probably the biggest name American soccer. Ribery is another one. Veteran and the lynchpin in many a France’s team plans.
Another chance that the European teams have got to straighten there record over the world cup in the Americas. And this is probably their best chance ever with Spain, Germany and few others looking really good. Then there are the usuals with Brazil, Argentina, Portugal (praying now that their talismanic captain Ronaldo gets fit, without who they look a bit lack luster). Lots of teams with important and experienced players not being available for selection, at the same time lot of young and talented prospects.
Overall pretty excited at the prospect of so many good names individually and collectively at this edition. Hoping we get a clean fair edition where the fights stay on the pitch and controversies off it. Will be an exciting watch.


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