Random thoughts of the Lethargic Mind

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve never been the kind to sit and pen down the train of thoughts in my head. So
the rather obvious considerable gap between my last post and this one. Even now sitting on my couch and even after opening
my notepad, I have no clue what I am going to write about. But then, it has to start somewhere, isn’t it!!!


So now that the notepad is open and I am staring at the blinking cursor, trying to consolidate and make sense of the
thoughts in my mind. Its so strange, sometimes frustrating, that when you force your mind to think and it does not know
what to, it just goes berserk. Sometimes, as in my case now, it goes blank too. 😦

Last time i wrote a blog i was sitting in my room in Bangalore, and this time, lucky me, I am in Singapore. 🙂

things-to-bring-when-travellingSorry, had to step out for a small task. Back now. So, where was i??? Oh yes, just landed in Singapore, didn’t I!!! 😉
hmmm. So, landed in singapore a few months back, after a lot of days of uncertainity, I might add. Frankly, didn’t seem new
as i had been here on a short trip with my friends earlier in the year. Even then, First time travelling alone to another
country is an experience to savour, you know!!! 🙂 A happiness on travelling out of the country, looking forward to a lot
of new things, a little nervousness and anxiety, wondering how things might be, make sure luggage is within allowed limits,
not to miss any documentation needed to blend into the new place, wondering if I missed anything that i might need, and
such mixed feelings.


Looking around, things are a lot different from back home. Roads and corners a lot cleaner, roads without potholes, traffic
is a lot more organized and less noisy, lots of greenery between the buildings with amazing architecture… could go on for
sometime i guess. But exciting things to see and lots of beautiful places to explore.

Have to hand it out to the authorities here. The infrastructure and administration is pretty damn good. The planning and execution is commendable, any construction activity be it on the roads, pavements, buildings or any other structure is carried in such a way as to not disturb the public with alternate arrangements before commencing work, which is a rather pleasant change from back home where any place any kind of activity starts becomes in-accessible. There are set schedules for maintenance activities and
people plan their activities around it.

Magnifying Glass - Explore

So, starting to explore, make the most of the time here and Lets see how things go.


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts of the Lethargic Mind

  1. Well, so cool you are exploring new things out there.. My best wishes.. and i am not gonna ask different then other south Indian, Don’t forget to Bring saraku when you coming home.. and arrange for small sittings’..


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