The Dilemma of choices!!!

How do you make a decision when faced with choices? Is having choices at hand good or bad?

My dad always says, and it keeps ringing in my ears, that you should make sure that you are in a position where you have choices. That way, you are in control of the situation and the outcome, since you get to make the decisive call which would shape the future. Seems a pretty logical thought to make sure you are in charge of your future, isn’t it!!!

Well, to an extent it does. But the trouble with choices is that once you’ve made one, your mind, more often than not, tends to think about the what-ifs with regards the choices that you left behind in arriving at this one. What-if i had opted for the other choice! Would i be in a different (read better ;-)) position! Would I be having more of this! Would I be having less of that!!! And you could just pretty much keep going, i guess. It is really difficult to make choice and never look back. Human tendency is such that we are far more comfortable when we can blame things around us for our predicaments.


I think that the thought of being in total control of your life would scare many. Throughout the ages, people have tended to believe that there is something above the comprehension of living beings that controls how and when things happen around us. That is the thought that has sparked the existence of so many religions and the basic fabric of religious beliefs of many cultures around the world. A divine hand looking over and shaping our lives. Call it destiny or a divine intervention, but i’d like to believe, since the inception of the Universe, each event however small has shaped the universe as we know it today and will continue to do so.

Oh My God, getting a little too philosophical aren’t we!!! 😉

Anyway, let’s get back to the choices bit, shall we!!! For me, more often than not its been a matter of instinctive decision making. Given choices, i tend to go around in circles with the pros and cons. But then in a split second enlightenment i just take a decision and never look back at the choice i left behind. That’s how my mind works. i can just go on and on thinking about the choices at hand. but suddenly the buzzer hits and i choose the answer.

I am not sure if you can ever make up ur mind to choose between a right or wrong choice. Heck, i dont even know if there IS a right or wrong answer. I dont think life works that way. You make a choice and you live the consequences. Thats all that matters, i guess! Is that how it works for u as well???


11 thoughts on “The Dilemma of choices!!!

  1. I wish I could make decisions as quickly as you do. I tend to be distrustful of my own gut, which is why I usually overthink my decisions. It can get pretty exhausting, but I’d like to believe it has worked well for me. Different strokes for different folks, I guess?

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  2. We are not always able to say what is wrong what is good. We just have to make a decision and live with it! But remember to act like we would like to be treated!


  3. Dumbledore said :” We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy”. I say Shove Off Dumbledore, Real Life Choices isn’t as easy as preaching from pages of a badly written book. Choices + Experiences = What we are today. That’s what makes Time Travel such a cool concept. Who wouldn’t want to go back in time and redo all their decisions and help crafting the best version of “me”(Not Me, I mean You, arr… you know what I mean?).
    I’ll stop my Rant here. Looking forward to more though provoking Posts from you.(I hear Football Posts wouldn’t go remiss)


    • excellent point about experience… but d trouble with life is it is too short to experience it all… so it pays to make calculative choices, which, paradoxically, comes from experience LOL !!! 😉


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