First post…… and a pointer on things to come!!!

This is my first attempt at blogging. I have no clue how good or bad i am going to be at it. But here i am, thanks to my always-at-my-case sister!!! 😉

I started reading her blogs, slowly reading through the pages of thoughts that she had penned down, experiences she had gone through and the way she saw things around her. She has always been a little different in the way she sees the world around her, always a little different in the way she looks at people. Then, suddenly, I wondered how would i do at this??? How would i fare at penning down the train of thoughts in my head???

I’ve never been the kind to sit, think and pen my thoughts down. I usually don’t go beyond the second stage. I sit, think and usually my mind goes crazy with thoughts. Random, arbitrary train of thoughts that just disintegrate as fast as they formed, much like clouds. You’d have to roam around with a notepad and a pen if you had to record the truck loads of thoughts that whorl around in your head, in which case you’d pretty much be writing the whole day.

But come to think of it, it does pay off to sit, think and pen it down for a change. Probably, and not limited to, to reflect on your chain of thoughts to see where it is heading, if it is in the first place. So I’ve decided, with a bit of persuasion from my dear sis, to finally start this blog page.

In the coming days, you might come to read about pretty much everything i guess, from what i think when I am not doing anything, except sit and stare at the wall, what i think about how things are going on in cricket, football, and sports in general, which is a pretty passionate topic for me, me as a person, not sure how much of interest that would generate though!!! 😉

So stick around and we’ll journey on together!!!




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