About ME

Who am I??? I have no freaking clue. Someone looking for the answers. Sometimes wondering what the question might be!!! Who cares what the question was, in the first place… 😉

Getting too complicated isn’t it!!! Well that’s me. Let’s not get into the details too much. Let’s just say, I’m another one of those guys trying to find my own space in this world.

Care about the simple things in life, watching rain drops out of the window, wind in the hair drive, quite afternoon, sitting with a hot coffee and a book in hand, love my friends too.

Well, read on and my posts probably might reveal a lot more about me than I can put down on this page. 😉


17 thoughts on “About ME

      • I’ve been studying Sanskrit for four years, or maybe more. The problem I have is that I don’t speak any Indian language and everyone else in my classes do. So I always get to the point where everyone else is talking in Sanskrit and I can’t understand any of it except for picking up single words now and then. Very frustrating and discouraging. I’m taking a break from that endeavor at this point.

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      • Yeh new language can be a bit tricky to pick up. I’m glad you were learning. I haven’t studied the language enough to be able to speak in it. I know a few words here and there myself.
        Keep at it.

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  1. Very creative introducing 🙂 You seem like a nice, creative and a humble person. It is very important to be happy because of the littlest things like reading while sipping coffe from your favourite cup. Can’t wait to see more of your adventures, thoughts and ideas. – Natalie

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